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Our Photographers versatility makes their photography Images Exquisite with the impressive details. Capture the art of life, toiled made to meet the client’s desire.

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Event Photography

Let your dream event be preserved for a lifetime without missing the charm and glory of the event. Capturing your moments without losing the spirit is what Wise Monkeys promises to our clientele. With years of hands-on experience in managing Event Photography, we help you encapsulate your event with the help of captivating photographs. The rhythm and flow of events are stored for a long time by ensuring that no precious moment is missed out.

Wise Monkeys is a call away from covering corporate conferences exhibitions and graduation parties. We have a team of expert photographers capable of making the attendees of the event comfortable and happy. Focusing on precious moments without forcing the participants to stressfully pose for the camera, Wise Monkeys assures the best coverage for commercial and PR events, concerts, school or university events, private and public parties, wedding ceremonies, and every other type of event.

Understanding the dynamics of organising an event, our team extends supportive hands to the PR and event management team to ensure extensive coverage and the best quality images for publicity management. You can contact our team with the confidence to cover all ranges of marketing, corporate or private events.

What do We offer? Creative photography by an Event Photographer in UAE can take your event to the next level. Our experienced and talented team members are capable of giving a boost to your efforts to transform your event into a mega success. Budget management and photographic execution are the highlights of our team. We cover all events, including Exhibitions Concerts Conferences, corporate meetings Trade shows PR Events Commercials Private and public parties Award nights Charity events Wise Monkey is a team that understands the clients well and works hand-in-hand with the client for the successful outcome of the event. We prioritise the requirements of the clients and ensure timely communication with the team for the successful coverage of the event.

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360 Virtual Tour

With the emergence of the VR or Virtual Reality, Corporations are using this technology mostly in their marketing efforts and this initiative is a very effective way of presenting to clients and customers. Here at Wise Monkeys Productions, our Chief Photographer Shiji Ulleri can make your VR ideas come to reality.

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Corporate / Editorial Portraits

Doing business in the technology-driven era is not simple as it was two decades ago. The investors must go all out to capture the requirements of the customers and upgrade business strategies to deliver the required services to the customers. Present your business to the world in the best form, and accolades and success follow you.

Corporate photography is the finest method to create and establish the identity of a business. Corporate Portraits by Wise Monkeys reflect the activities of your business by uploading images that portray all the activities taking place inside your organisation.

A strong corporate identity in the social media and the internet world decides the success of your business in this era of artificial intelligence and social media. Creating a positive identity on Facebook and LinkedIn with the help of Corporate Portraits can speed up your momentum and attain an incomparable position in the industry.

Corporate Portraits, like other forms of portraits, treat the human resources of your team as the focal point of Photography. A well-trained corporate portrait team captures images in any background and creates frames for different purposes. From generating unique and professional portraits for the about us page of a website to capturing photographs suitable for ID cards, Corporate Portraits play vital roles. Catchy images of the team lead, and employees dressed in professional attire promise your company a strong identity in the industry.

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Fashion Photography

Photography plays a crucial role in the fashion sector across the globe. Experienced Fashion Photographers help their clients to promote their products and services and transform their fashion shows into a hit. Wise Monkeys, with an excellent team of Fashion Photography, supports Fashion designers, fashion show producers, and brands looking to attract potential customers to their products and services. Every brand, including the manufacturers and sellers of hair care, beauty, and dress businesses can get complete support for Fashion Photography by contacting us. Our team works with advertising firms, and businesses that produce home goods, and work with aspiring models to create their own identities.

Fashion Photography is not any less than a movie shoot. It is a combination of artistic knowledge, creative excellence, and fashion sense. Our team members always upgrade their knowledge about the industry they work for and keep an eye on the fashion industry to make their collaboration with the models and companies effortless and more productive.

Our team can capture the genuine spirit and soul of the fashion world. The greatest method to tell a narrative is through an image, and if you are seeking to build brand recognition among potential clients, we can help.

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E Commerce Photography

An image speaks thousands of words. The same is the case with a photograph. A photograph of a product is more powerful than a hundred-word description of the product. A better means to sell products and services without external interventions, an E Commerce Photographer takes you through a hurdle-free route to success. E Commerce photography by Wise Monkeys Productions LLC helps your team to communicate well with the customers in a way to highlight the products and services. Managing and marketing your products and services is the most important task for the easy management of every business.

Photographs provide customers with comprehensive information about products or services. The photographs are highly effective as language barriers do not affect the understandability of the customers when photographs are tools. If you entrust your E Commerce Photography task to a trusted Photography team in UAE, they will provide you with images that will speak volumes about your products. The visual strategies of your team and the strategic ideas developed by the eCommerce photography team will take you toward the ladder of success. Wise Monkeys is the best E Commerce photography team in the UAE that can create positive memories for a lifetime.

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Exhibition Photography

Organising an exhibition requires comprehensive planning, effective implementation, and systematic management skills. To get the real benefit of your exhibition, you must ensure proper coverage of the event. A photography team, having expertise in Exhibition Photography can help you market all your events and brand your identity.

The venue of the exhibition and the type of event decide the efforts we need to take to promote the exhibition. If your exhibition is part of a mega event that is already popular, you will get a share of its publicity. However, if you plan a brand development exhibition on your own, you need the support of a team to propagate the event. A trained photography team comes to your rescue at this juncture. The Photographers can help you document the exhibition and popularise the event with striking photographs which can be propagated through social media, websites, or outdoor advertising.

Wise Monkeys is a trusted Photography Studio in Dubai that has been engaging in event photography since 2011. Teaming up with our clients, we always ensure complete support for visually planning an exhibition to capture the photographs without losing the steam of the event. The exhibits, organisers, participants, visitors, and every other person who reaches the gallery or pavilion will be captured by the photography team.

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Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is all about the ability to freeze moments and store memories for a lifetime. A lifestyle photographer should be able to capture the best moments from a series of natural and spontaneous actions. Systematically incorporating everyone involved in the shoot without losing the vision of the client is the purpose of Lifestyle Photography. Every Lifestyle Photography by Wise Monkeys Productions guarantees the perfect blend of synchronized actions and organized capturing.

What separates our Lifestyle Photographers apart?

Our Lifestyle Photographer captures the personality of every participant in the photo shoot and adds charm to their moments by highlighting their distinctive qualities and happiness of them. Our team collaborates with our clients after paying close attention to the purpose of the shoot. Our Photographers are equipped to bring out the best personality of everyone without losing the originality and beauty of the moment.

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Product Photography

Photographing a product not only creates an image of your product but also builds an identity for your brand. A leading Product Photographer in the UAE, Wise Monkeys helps your business to highlight your product in the most creative way. A product photograph unravels the product details to the customers. Every benefit that the product offers to the customers gets highlighted in Product Photography. Besides, an artistically talented product photographer gives style and class to the product. Any attempt to compromise on the quality of Product Photography is sure to affect your brand image. Hence, our team interacts with your product photographer in advance and conveys the product details, pricing, target audience, and other highlights to the photography team.

Wise Monkeys, a top-rated Product Photographer in Dubai, interacts with your team, notes down all your points, and develops a photographic strategy based on your audience and requirement. Wise Monkeys will help you replace a thousand words with a single click. Let your customers know your product from the images you present them rather than from the product descriptions you offer them.

A catchy product photograph is sure to grab the attention of the customer compared to a product photographed in an unprofessional way. Seeing is believing, and product photography is what helps them get a complete perception of the product you put on sale.

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Video Production Company

Videos are excellent tools that can conquer the hearts of the clientele. Videos are creative, entertaining, and informative at the same time. Wise Monkeys, a leading Video Production Company in Dubai, conceptualizes and realizes videos for marketing purposes, corporate branding, and product promotion. The videos crafted by our team are sure to build confidence and give the organization a young, lively appearance.
A trusted Video Production Company in Dubai, Wise Monkeys has a team to create videos exclusively for websites, social media platforms, TVCs, and other branding activities. We help you create all types of videos to cast a spell on your audience.

Our Corporate Video Production team guarantees you comprehensive support for establishing your corporate identity in an interesting and catchy way. Marketing videos support the brand to create an identity that will help you climb the ladder of success.

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Food Photography

Are you planning to launch a dedicated food blog? Do you plan social media or online promotions for your restaurants? Whatever platform you choose to spread the word about your delicious delicacies, you need a Food Photographer who can capture lip-smacking images of food items. The images should be able to glue the attention of your customers and compel them to visit your restaurant or place an order online.

A complete Food Photographer is sure to take your food to the next level by excellently reflecting the texture, colour, and even the aroma of the food in picture-perfect shots. Wise Monkeys, the experienced and creative Dubai Photographer can take your dishes to a different level. Our talented team of Food Photographers will help you use the images for food packaging and marketing, to enhance the visibility of your brand.

Food Photography is not just capturing the food items displayed on a table. It is the process of transforming a normal food item into an extraordinary food package by adding all the commercial elements to the photographs.

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Corporate Video Production

Do you want to expand your horizons by creating a corporate identity with branding and rebranding? Corporate videos are the best choice for every business to ensure the perfect style of brand building. The most persuasive method of communication for corporates and big brands, corporate videos have the power to speak for your brand. They create an exclusive identity for your firm and spread the message throughout the world to help your corporate business stand out in the industry. A dedicated Corporate Video Production team can guide clients to build a strong brand identity, ensure effective communication with customers, and generate leads.

Video insights coupled with creative content strategy help corporate video create a significant impact in the market. Well-studied and exclusive video insights are sure to generate a brand story that truly resonates with your audience and motivates them to act.

As a Corporate Videographer,  Wise Monkeys extends a supportive hand to scale up your B2B and B2C business operations. Our skilled team members are ready to provide you with corporate animation videos, brand identity creation videos, and live-action movies.

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360 Video

360 videos are an incredible way to showcase your story. They provide an immersive experience making people stay connected with your brand every time. We have a great team who can deliver the best 360 videos that will not only help you gain followers but can also help you reach the next level of your business growth with ease.

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Photo Booths

Our photo booths on the go will bring additional attraction to your event, be it a private party or a Corporate Event , or a featured activity on your promotional marketing campaign, product launching, and team building whether it’s on an open field, public areas, or private venue we can bring to you anytime, anywhere. In addition, we provide optional customized branded photo booths for your events.
Please send your inquiries to

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Studio Rental

Our studio is completely equipped with a studio lighting system and is primarily designed for Photography. With an area size of 500×500, a shooting area is a perfect place for editorial, product, and Lifestyle fashion photo shoots or small group pictorials. It has a hair and makeup station and changing room that you can use.

If you are a pro based in Dubai and looking for affordable studio options in Dubai, you are at the right place.

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Live Feed & Live Streaming

We provide Video live feed to the Projectors or tv screens according to the clients requirements, In addition, we also provide uninterrupted live streaming. So far we provided live streaming through Social Media Platforms Such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. If you are looking to broadcast your Dubai event to the world out there, sure we can provide an excellent live feed and streaming services.

We have hosted many live streaming projects in UAE for companies like NYU Abu Dhabi, Unilever, Expo2020, the North American Bitcoin conference, and many more.

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Photo Retouching

We have in-house photo-retoucher who involve in various types of projects, including fashion, food, products, interior, etc. If you are a Photographer or agency looking to get a local photo retoucher please stay in touch through

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2D & 3D Animation

We have worked with Various types of 2D&3D projects here in UAE, Our clients include in this sector, Real estate companies, Oil Companies, Hospitals etc

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Event Videography

Event Videography: Crafting Timeless Narratives with Wise Monkeys

Welcome to Wise Monkeys, your go-to resource for turning ephemeral events into priceless recollections. As the premier event photographer and Event Videographer in the vibrant city of Dubai, Wise Monkeys takes delight in capturing each event as a singular mosaic of feelings and encounters. Together, we will explore the realm of visual storytelling and see how Wise Monkeys can transform your events into engrossing stories.

Unveiling the Essence of Event Videography

Beyond simple filming, event videography is an art form. It entails bringing an event’s spirit to life by fusing its feelings and sights into a seamless story. Wise Monkeys treats Event Videography not as a work but as a creative journey, where each frame tells a unique tale.
See your occasion as a symphony, with every second providing a different note. Using these notes, Wise Monkeys creates a visual masterpiece. Modern gear and artistic licence are used by our talented videographers to capture the cadence and flow of your event.

The Significance of Event Videography in Today’s Fast-Paced World

In a world where time appears to fly by, event videography steps in to preserve priceless memories. It’s a way to preserve the spirit, feelings, and lively energy of your memorable occasions—it’s more than just a way to document them. Your memories will not only be captured but also turned into enduring mementoes thanks to Wise Monkeys.
Event videography provides a window into the magic that others unable to go can’t experience. A well-made video becomes a great tool for your business, increasing visibility and boosting engagement in an era where virtual experiences matter.

How Event Videography Enhances Visibility and Drives Sales

The power of visual storytelling is unmatched in the digital sphere. Event videography has become a useful tool for businesses, boosting revenue and brand awareness. Interesting films may enthral viewers, establish your brand, and have a big impact on the success of your company.
Wise Monkeys is your collaborator in building a visual legacy—we are more than just a service provider. We guarantee that your memorable moments are captured in time and available for you to revisit whenever you’d like thanks to our dedication to quality and love of storytelling..

Wise Monkeys: Your Trusted Partner in Event Videography

Wise Monkeys, which was founded in 2011, has pioneered in the fields of commercial photography and videography. We have a broad spectrum of experience, including corporate videos, food, fashion, lifestyle, product, sports, live streaming, and e-commerce photography in addition to events and exhibitions. By selecting Wise Monkeys, you’re getting a cinematic experience that is expertly and creatively created—not just a video.
Every project benefits from the special fusion of creativity and technological know-how provided by our team of skilled and knowledgeable Event Videographers in Dubai. We create visually compelling stories that are remembered rather than just documented. Our videographers make sure that the final masterpiece captures the uniqueness of your event.

Event Videography and Event Photography: The Dynamic Duo

Freezing Moments in Time with Wise Monkeys
The skill of capturing fleeting moments through event photography is often overlooked. With its committed group of event photographers, Wise Monkeys specialises in catching the invisible, the unguarded grins, the glimpses that aren’t intended to be seen, and the sincere feelings that make your event unique.
In an increasingly digitally-noise world, event photography provides real memories. It goes above and above by establishing a personal connection through images that speak to the viewer. Our Event Photographers at Wise Monkeys make sure that each picture tells a story on its own, giving the tale of your event more nuance.
Trust us to turn your event into an unforgettable visual journey.

Wise Monkeys: Your Premier Choice for Event Photography

At Wise Monkeys, our team of skilled photographers is committed to ensuring that each guest has a positive and comfortable experience. Our goal is to capture priceless moments without forcing uncomfortable poses, so we can guarantee the greatest coverage for a variety of occasions.
A holistic experience is produced when event photography and videography work together. Knowing how these two mediums work well together, Wise Monkeys will make sure that your event is felt, heard, and remembered in addition to just being seen.
Let Wise Monkeys be your storyteller, capturing moments that transcend time and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Contact Wise Monkeys for Your Event Videography and Photography Needs
Ready to turn your event into a visual masterpiece?
Contact Wise Monkeys today at +971 50 622 9288 or email us at

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