Dubai Expo 2020 Connecting Minds Creating The Future

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Dubai Expo 2020 Connecting Minds Creating The Future

Dubai Expo 2020 Connecting Minds Creating The Future
December 9, 2021

“You name it, Dubai has it or if it doesn’t have, it’s Building it. “

Yes, You are in one of the most developed countries in the world, when you are in Dubai! As Dubai hosts EXPO2020, it will open the doors of nothing less than opportunities to any business for its guests. We witness the growth and enthusiasm when the countries bid to be a part of Dubai’s expo2020 as it gets closer to the date of October 1st 2021.

We hail from proud 11 years of being in Dubai and knowing it’s every nook and corner. We touch the life of people in Dubai in various forms of Photography. We accompany them in their professional life by capturing their corporate/editorial portraits, corporate events, real estate photography, 360 degree virtual tour, and also we own the gallery for them when they shine bright in sports. We make them drool over the delicacies by making Food Photography a unique talent rather than a skill learnt.

We have been providing an impeccable service to our clients who approach us with various requirements and ideas as they believe in us blindly. We do not simply own the credit of acquiring the trust of our customers, but it is all worth our hard work and passion for photography since a decade. Our clients always return to us as they can never find such unmatched service provided anywhere else as team WISE MONKEYS. Our photographers are not the regular photographers you have met until now, but the very special and trained to share space and understand protocol with high end officials like Government Officials, Rulers of Dubai/Sheikhs and VIP’s.

As a local Dubai Photographer, we understand the culture and regional specialties of Dubai rather than a photographer hired from abroad. With us, you only have to assign your photography project and feed us with your requirements, rest is safe and secure with us.

We take care of everything including the replacement for photographer even during break. Because we know how much capturing an important moment means to you. Each project is widely briefed with each photographer in the team to know the exact deliverables required to the client and to help shoot pictures/videos without losing the essence of the event. We are the kind of photographers who are as excited as you are to show the world, how appealing the pictures have turned out to be. We provide on time delivery to bring you the fresh content that you want to run online and offline immediately after the event. Our facilities include the delivery of services within 24 hours or same day according to your requirements.

Creating an exciting content for your product/service has now become a survival material for your business in 21st century. Be it a website or any social media platform or anywhere you can expect a growth in your business, participation with an exclusive eye of photographs and coverage is enough to impress your prospective customers. We have witnessed many brands tell their story of their journey from development to establishment through our pictures and videos and we continue to be a part of them in their growth. We have been at the beck and call of many brands hosting regular events to record breaking events during the course of their business development.

At the Expo 2020, UAE is opening the doors of opportunities to grow and reach totally different level of revenue to its Expo participants. Expo is all about meeting the right people at the right point of time. The business connectivity exposure is immense in Dubai as it welcomes countless international participants, companies and multilateral institutions to the world’s greatest show of human brilliance and achievement. We, the team of Wise Monkeys is honored and privileged to be a part of this wonder of Expo2020. We proudly acknowledge as the registered supplier of various countries’ pavilion photographer and videographer.

We make sure that our clients at the expo are more than satisfied with every image we capture and excited to watch the pavilion and its moments in awe. It is not a picture, but a timeless story to be seen by the world.As millions are keenly waiting to participate in this unparalleled event, the team of Wise Monkeys is busy creating the photographs as we make history together.

Let us be your story teller so that we will be able to station our in-house photographers on a contract basis or project basis for your pavilion or company and make the journey worthwhile.

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